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Frequently Asked Questions WSU Graduations

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to apply for Graduation? 
How can I view my Transfer Credits?
How do I add or update my diploma address?
How do I apply for my Degree and/or Certificate?
How do I register to walk in the Commencement Ceremony? 
How do I verify that my degree has been awarded?
How do I view my Academic Progress/Academic Requirements? 
How do I view my Graduation Date?
How do I view my unofficial transcript?
I am ROTC, will my Military Science course at University of Idaho delay my graduations? 
My Diploma and Transcript name is wrong! How do I fix it? 
What is my Graduation Status? 
What is the difference between a Double Degree and Double Major? 
What name will be printed on my diploma and transcript?
How do I update my FERPA Restrictions? 
Where do I order an official transcript through my.WSU?
Where do I verify my enrollment through my.WSU?
Where will my diploma be mailed? 
Why do I keep getting emails about the Graduation Information Verification? 
Will a hold on my account delay my graduation? 
Where do I find information about Winter, Summer, or Intersession?