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Academic Requirements

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Have I met all my graduation requirements?

Students can monitor their progress towards graduation by reviewing their Academic Requirements Report and working with their program advisors.

How do I access my Academic Progress Report?

Students access their Academic Progress Report through the Academic Advising tile on the Student Homepage. Instructions open in a new tab.

  • Pay special attention to requirements marked "not satisfied".
  • These requirements must be met before the degree can be awarded. Questions regarding unsatisfied items should be directed to your program advisor.

Exit Interviews, Exams and Surveys

Exit interviews, exams and surveys are set by each department. Questions regarding their completion need to be directed to the department.

Academic Regulation Rule 108:

Student Responsibility For Graduation:  The student has the ultimate responsibility for meeting all graduation requirements. The student plans the program of study each semester in consultation with the advisor. The degree requirements listed in the catalog and in the advisement report are binding. Colleges may substitute or waive college-level requirements for individual students. Departments may substitute or waive departmental requirements for individual students.




Academic Requirements
WSU Graduations