Graduation Date Change WSU Graduations

Graduation Date Change

  • A Graduation Date Change can come from either the advisor or the student
  • Students may change their expected graduation date to a later term by completing a graduation date change request. 
  • Students may change their expected graduation date to an earlier term, however, they may be subject to late fees depending upon the date of the initial application. Application deadlines can be found at Dates & Deadlines
  • Students can change to Inactive - this allows for enrollment and for the student to submit a date change for a specific term at a later date. 
  • If you have not yet applied for graduation DO NOT submit a graduation date change.

Graduations policy is to not process more than two Date Changes (3rd is the initial application) after the third one the student must wait until all requirements are met before submitting a final date change.

Graduation Date Change Form (will open in new window)