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Graduation Date Change WSU Graduations

Graduation Date Change

Graduation Date Change Policies and Procedures 
  • Graduations policy is to not process more than two Date Changes (3rd is the initial application).
    • After the third one the student must wait until after the Drop without Record deadline has passed in their final term. 
  • A Graduation Date Change should be submitted from the Student. However, submissions from the Advisor will be accepted.
  • Students may change their expected graduation date to a later term by completing a Graduation Date Change request. 
  • Students may change their expected graduation date to an earlier term, however, they may be subject to late fees depending upon the date of the initial application. 
  • Students can change to Inactive - This allows for enrollment and for the student to submit a date change for a specific term at a later date.
  • Allow two to three business days after a Graduation Date Change is processed before contacting the Registrars office regarding registration. An Advisor Hold may need to be removed.
  • If you have not yet applied for graduation DO NOT submit a graduation date change 
  • Instructions on how to view your Graduation Status.

Graduation Date Change Form


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