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Degree Verification


Degree Verification's


If verification of degree is needed prior to the mailing of diplomas, students can request a degree verification or what is sometimes referred to as an Official Statement. 

Examples of why an Official Statement or Verification may be needed: 

  • Employment
  • Foreign Embassy
  • Good Student Discount
  • Health Insurance
  • Loan Deferment
  • Military
  • Scholarship

Official Statement Request - details all of the verification options

  • Student Clearing House -  to obtain a statement via self-service
  • Official Statement Letter -  stating your enrollment and/or degree status. Some reasons why students have requested Official Statement Requests in the past were International Student government verification, international job or institution verification, or domestic job opportunity where the employer would like to see the diploma, but they have not been mailed yet.

Transcripts - Official Transcripts can be requested online here. Students will receive a message through my.WSU letting them know that their degree(s) has been posted, however it is recommended that you verify your degree has been posted prior to ordering an official transcript. To verify, view the Unofficial Transcript through myWSU follow these steps. It is recommended that students save a copy of their unofficial transcript while they still have access to my.WSU.

Access to my.WSU and Unofficial Transcripts should continue for two semesters after graduation. If you are not able to access the unofficial transcript make sure that pop up blockers are turned off. If you cannot access my.WSU and it has been less than two semesters that you attended contact CougTech for assistance.