Applying for Graduation

The Undergraduate and Professional Degree Application is available online through zzusis student center. Only students who have 90 completed credits and are certified in their major are eligible to apply for graduation. Students submit their graduation application for both undergraduate and professional degrees online, through zzusis student center. Steps for completing the application can be found here.

Contact your advisor if:

• You intend to earn your degree within 2 semesters, but have not yet completed 90 credits

• If the graduation application link is not visible in student center (drop down menu - academics tab - graduation application)

• Your degree, major, minor or certificate is missing or incorrect

• You do not have zzusis access.

The graduation application fee is $41 Students who do not apply by the initial deadline will incur late fees.

For application deadlines - click here. Graduation status (eligible, applied, approved, awarded) can be found on the academics tab in your student center.

I've applied, what's next?

Review Your Degree Audit
Complete Graduation Requirements