Applying for Graduation WSU Graduations

Applying for Graduation

When can I apply to graduate?

Students can apply for graduation once they have:

  • Completed 90 credits, and
  • Been certified in a major

Students will receive a message through myWSU once they eligible to apply.

When should I apply for graduation?

Students are encouraged to apply one term before their expected graduation date.  All dates and deadlines are available here.

How do I apply for graduation?

Students submit their graduation application for both undergraduate and professional degrees online, through myWSU student center. Instructions can be found here.

Contact your advisor if:

  • You intend to earn your degree within 2 semesters, but have not yet completed 90 credits
  • If the graduation application link is not visible in student center and you have met the eligibility requirements (drop down menu - academics tab - graduation application)
  • Your degree, major(s), minor(s) or certificate(s) is missing or incorrect
  • An additional major needs to be added
  • You do not have myWSU access.

The graduation application fee is $50. Students who do not apply by the initial deadline will incur late fees

  • First late fee - $50 application fee + $75 late fee = $125
  • Second late fee - $50 application fee + $150 late fee = $200


Academic Regulation Rule 108: STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY FOR GRADUATION. Together with the advisor, the student plans the program of study each semester. However, the written curriculum requirements described in the bulletin and catalog supplements are binding, and no advisor may waive or alter them. The student has the ultimate responsibility for meeting university, college and departmental graduation requirements.