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Graduation Tracking Statuses

The following are all graduation tracking statuses entered into myWSU by the Graduations Area when reviewing students' academic requirements. Also included are the GTS codes associated with each status.

GTS codes appear in OBIEE under Advisor Management: Click on "Apply for Graduation by Term," then click on "Graduation Processing."

 GTS   Code

 Grad Tracking Status


 500 course(s)




 Prog w/o Appl


 AR Issues








 UI/WSU Co-op Courses


 Date change in


 Date change out


 EXIT - Exit Interview


 Fut Career Prog


 CAS Foreign Language


 FUT-Post Bac


 Former Student   Reviewing


 GPA low for degree or   major


 GPA low for minor


 Honors College


 HOLD-Program/Plan   Change


 Hold Term Issues




 Incomplete Minor








 In Process Complete


 I, X or Blank Grade(s)






 Not Valid


 Not reviewed


 Less 120 units


 Student Teaching


 Transfer Work


 Less 40 UD Units


 WP & Course Req.


 WP - missing Writing   Portfolio


 WP & Exit





Graduation Tracking Statuses
WSU Graduations