FAQs WSU Graduations



When can I apply to graduate?
How do I apply to graduate?
When is the last day to apply for graduation?
How do I view my application status or graduation term?
How do I know if I have met all the graduations requirements?
What's the difference between a double degree and a double major?
My advisor said that I have met all my requirements. Why does the academic advisement report show that I am still missing requirements?
I want to get my degree and participate in the commencement ceremony during different semesters. How do I do that?
How do I change my graduation date?
What is the process for conferring degrees?
When will I receive my diploma and where is it sent?
I haven't received my diploma/I lost my diploma. Can I be re-issued one?
My name wasn't printed in the commencement program. Why not?
Why do I have a hold on my account?
I completed by Exit Interview/Exam, why is it still "unsatisfied"?



Academic Regulation Rule 108: STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY FOR GRADUATION. Together with the advisor, the student plans the program of study each semester. However, the written curriculum requirements described in the bulletin and catalog supplements are binding, and no advisor may waive or alter them. The student has the ultimate responsibility for meeting university, college and departmental graduation requirements.