Advisor FAQ


Academic Regulation Rule 108: STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY FOR GRADUATION. Together with the advisor, the student plans the program of study each semester. However, the written curriculum requirements described in the bulletin and catalog supplements are binding, and no advisor may waive or alter them. The student has the ultimate responsibility for meeting university, college and departmental graduation requirements.

When should a student apply for graduation?
How to apply for graduation?
What if there is no graduation application option available on myWSU?
What is the last date a student may submit an application for graduation?
The online application only accepts credit cards. What if the student does not have a credit card or the application fee is being paid by a third party?
When can I submit requests to have GER exceptions or milestone entered?
What if the student applied for graduation, but did not complete the requirements?
How are course substitutions or waivers entered?
How can I tell if a student has had their degree awarded?
If a student’s academic advisement report is complete, why haven’t they cleared yet?
When are diplomas mailed?